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This website is intended to be an ongoing work. It is presented in a simple format so that you the collector, museum curator, police officer, historical re-enactor, military history buff or whomsoever can arrange the information to suit your interests and needs.

Each item presented stands alone so that all known information relating to it is included. This allows the item to be studied as a whole without need to consult another section or document.

We believe the subject of ammunition has been neglected to a large extent in most of the printed works to date, in some cases no mention is made of the ammunition that the bombers, tanks, ships and fighters carried as though the weapon itself was the intended means of destruction.

Having been frustrated many times in the past by the lack of information concerning ammunition we decided it was time to rectify this omission hence this website, which is dedicated exclusively to the ammunition itself. All the other things such as tanks, artillery pieces, ships and aeroplanes are just delivery mechanisms for the real weapon.

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