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This section describes the various range of explosives from low to high..........
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High Explosives Low Explosives

Classification of explosives Viewed: 3180 Times


An introduction to explosives
Created on: May 17, 2006
  Classification of Explosives

A brief chronlogy of explosives Viewed: 1825 Times
Details some highlights from our explosive history
Created on: May 17, 2006
A bried chronology of explosives

Explosive codes and abbreviations Viewed: 13992 Times


A listing of explosives codes and abbreviations.
Created on: May 17, 2006
  Explosives codes and abbreviations

Explosives family groups Viewed: 2269 Times
A classification of explosives
Created on: May 22, 2006
Explosives family groups

Gunpowder Viewed: 21451 Times


A description of gunpowder, its history. methods of manufacture and uses
Created on: May 22, 2006

An introduction to explosive trains Viewed: 2179 Times
How explosives are arranged to control the explosive effects.
Created on: May 22, 2006
Introduction to explosives trains

Measuring explosive power Viewed: 1962 Times


Describes some methods used to measure the power of an explosive.
Created on: May 22, 2006
  Measuring explosive power

Some physical properties of explosives Viewed: 3276 Times
Describes the physical properties of some explosives.
Created on: May 23, 2006
Some physical properties of explosives

What is an explosion? Viewed: 2404 Times


Describes the phenomena of an explosion.
Created on: May 23, 2006
  What is an explosion

Why do explosives explode? Viewed: 5863 Times
Describes why an explosive acts the way it does.
Created on: May 23, 2006
Why do explosives explode

Low Explosives    

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