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German Small Arms Ammunition

German Small Arms Ammunition
This section covers all those items of small arms ammunition made or used by the German nation.............

German foreign designations for SAA Viewed: 4367 Times


Being a methodical race the Germans put to use all the weapons and ammunition captured by them during their rampage through Europe. This listing is the German designations for those weapons.
Created on: Jun 19, 2006
  German WWII foreign designations for SAA

German and Austrian headstamp codes. Viewed: 21288 Times
A tabular presentation of the codes used on German and Austrian cartridges.
Created on: Jun 20, 2006
German and Austrian headstamp codes

German 7.92x107 anti-tank Viewed: 3477 Times


This cartridge was developed in 1913 for use in an anti-tank rifle. I was used by the Germans during WWII
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
  German 7.92x107 Polish anti-tank

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