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Communist Bloc Small Arms Ammunition

Communist Bloc Small Arms Ammunition
This section covers SAA used by the group of nations controlled by Russia under the title of the USSR............
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Russian 7.62x54R introduction Viewed: 3800 Times


A first look at the great 7.62x54R.
Created on: Jun 14, 2006
  Russian 7.62x54R introduction

Russian 7.62x39 Viewed: 14800 Times
In terms of quantities this has to be the most successful military cartrige ever made. Born in 1943 and still in production today.
Created on: Aug 22, 2006
Russian 7.62x39

Canadian 7.92mm ammunition Viewed: 1952 Times


Canada made this ammunition for use by the Chinese Army.
Created on: Jun 19, 2006
  Canadian 7.92mm Besa

Czechoslovakian 7.62x45 cartridges Viewed: 2008 Times
It is odd that the Russians let Czechoslovakia get away with producing their very own assault cartridge but they did, for a little time anyway. They were forced to change to the 7.62x39 in 1957.
Created on: Aug 22, 2006
Czechoslovakian 7.62x45 M52

Introduction to Bulgarian SAA Viewed: 1943 Times


A brief look at ammunition produced by Bulgaria.
Created on: Nov 12, 2007
  Introduction to Bulgarian SAA

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