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Austrian Small Arms Ammunition

Austrian Small Arms Ammunition
Describes the ammunition made and used by Austria............

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German and Austrian headstamp codes. Viewed: 21288 Times


A tabular presentation of the codes used on German and Austrian cartridges.
Created on: Jun 20, 2006
  German and Austrian headstamp codes

Austrian 8mm Solothurn Viewed: 2960 Times
This cartridge was designed for use in the Solothurn S2-200 machine gun.
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
Austrian 8mm Solothurn

Austro-Hungarian 11.3mm Gasser revolver Viewed: 3070 Times


This cartridge was the forerunner to the 11.2mm Gasser. Unfortunately the dimensions are the same as those of the M1867 carbine and they sometimes get mixed up causing accidents. It is sometimes known as the "Montenegrin"
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
  Austro-Hungarian 11.3mm Gasser

Austro-Hungarian 11.2 Gasser revolver Viewed: 2757 Times
This cartridge was used in an improved model of the M1882 Gasser revolver and served until the 1920s.
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
Austro-Hungarian 11.2mm Gasser revolver

Austrian 11mm Werndl Viewed: 2321 Times


Adopted by Austria in 1873 this cartridge was originally used in a single shot weapon but was later applied to a repeating rifle.
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
  Austrian 11mm Werndl carbine

Austrian 8x50R Mannlicher Viewed: 6153 Times
This cartridge was adopted by Austria-Hungary in 1886 and used until 1930.
Created on: Nov 11, 2007
Austrian 8x50R Mannlicher

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