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Italian Land Mines

Italian Land Mines
Describes those mines used by Italy during WW2

Italian RR railway mine Viewed: 1390 Times


A description of the mine used by the Italians as an anti-train device.
Created on: May 25, 2006
  Italian ratchet _RR_ mine

Italian four igniter mine Viewed: 1605 Times
Describes the mine using four separate igniters hence the name.
Created on: May 25, 2006
Italian four-igniter mine

Italian B4 anti-pers mine Viewed: 2792 Times


Describes the mine that had multi-settings and used as an anti-personel item.
Created on: May 25, 2006
  Italian B-4 apers mine

Italian anti-tank B2 series Viewed: 2226 Times
Describes the series of mines in the B2 group.
Created on: May 25, 2006
Italian Anti-tank B2 series

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