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Indian Small Arms Ammunition

Indian Small Arms Ammunition
Covers those SAA cartridge used and made by India.
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Indian .410 shotgun cartridges Viewed: 1773 Times


This item was issued to Indian troops and Police for foraging purposes.
Created on: Jun 14, 2006
  Indian.410 Shotgun

Indian .476 Police musket Viewed: 1690 Times
this item was issued to Police units for riot control purposes.
Created on: Jun 14, 2006
Indian .476 Police musket

Indian .455 Revolver Viewed: 1596 Times


The Indians along with all other Commonwealth countries adopted the .455 Revolver.
Created on: Jun 14, 2006
  Indian .455 Revolver

Indian .380 revolver cartridges Viewed: 1545 Times
It is not surprising that the Indian Government made and use .380 revolver ammunition as the British influence was very strong in that country for many years.
Created on: Jun 20, 2006
Indian .380 Revolver

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