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Japanese Cannon

Japanese Cannon
Describes those cannon cartridges made and used by the Japanese during WW2
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Japanese 12.7x81SR Viewed: 8305 Times


This is the Japanese version of the heavy machine gun cartridge as used by the British, the Italians and others during WW2
Created on: Jun 16, 2006
  Japanese 12.7x81SR

Japanese 20mm ammunition Viewed: 2097 Times
This calibre was used and made by Japan during WW2 in her naval aircraft.
Created on: Jun 16, 2006
Japanese 20mm

Japanese 25mm AA.pdf Viewed: 2074 Times


A close look at the Japanese naval anti-aircraft cartridge.
Created on: Jun 16, 2006

Japanese 20mm ammunition.pdf Viewed: 6628 Times
An introduction to Japanese 20mm ammunition.
Created on: Jun 16, 2006
Japanese 20mm

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